In Casablanca, curiosity is first and foremost a family story. Two sisters, Laila & Salma, decided during a heated conversation in 2020 to launch the first club at the crossroads of Mediterranean, Amazigh, African and Arab influences: Dar el Beida!

Seduced by the Curiosity Club concept discovered in Paris and via the newsletter, these two passionate women have only one objective: to help you discover the vibrant women who are making and reinventing the Casablanca of today and tomorrow. Between the reappropriation of its ancestral history, strong economic vitality and cultural mix, Casablanca is a city of a thousand contrasts that will not leave you indifferent!

The first “rdv de curiosité” in July 2021 will be an opportunity to highlight the women and places that make the difference, and to bring together this female community inhabited by the rediscovery of the multiple facets that make the magical city of Casablanca. So join us!