Le Speakeasy is the Parisian address of the Curiosity Club, nestled in the heart of the iconic Passage Choiseul in the 2nd arrondissement.

Every week, our team invites you to meet fascinating women around our own event formats. Trust us, this is the opportunity to experience incredible moments through a unique program.

What if you offered the woman of your choice the opportunity to take part in these moments outside of time?

If you gave her a gift card to spend directly on our website to participate in one of our five event formats :

  • At the table of Make your lunch break the best time of your day by meeting a woman with a fascinating journey.
    Price : 38
  • Shining in society… How about starting your day with a shot of letting go? We do! We’ll give you an appointment for a mind-blowing breakfast. We relax deeply, we dare to assert ourselves, weawaken our creativity, we take confidence… And wego back with concrete tools that we can applyinstantly!
    Price : from 25 €
  • The way with words of… Let’s meet a writer, an imagination, spirit, a passion, a struggle… of these women who go through words to express what they are, what they think, what they feel.

    Price : from 18 €

  • Friday night fever... Tonight’s heels and glitter, tonight’s disco….to doll yourself up and satisfy your curiosity! How about a beauty moment combined with good shot of curiosity ? We said YES ! 
    Price : from 25 €
  • The factory of… A manual workshop to learn and discover a know-how, disconnect, express your creativity…A real breath of fresh air in your daily life!
    Price :  from 25 €


Each of these event formats includes :

  • The access to the Speakeasy
  • The small committee meeting with an inspiring woman
  • A salty or sweet food offer from the best coffee-shop in Paris and around the world, we named Alma
  • The delivery of your gift card in paper version directly to your home
All events take place at the Curiosity Speakeasy at Alma 72 Passage Choiseul, Paris, 2nd arrondissement
If you have questions, hesitation,  desire to speak: hello@curiosity-club.co


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Gift card delivered in paper version directly to your home

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