Female-powered force for change

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world, and Poorva is a driving force behind PETA’s work in India and abroad. A practicing vegan and a torch bearer of the animal rights revolution, Poorva isn´t afraid to speak out in support of those without voices. Her work for PETA has ranged from undercover investigations to public campaigns and street theatre–style demonstrations. All the while, she has stayed steadfast in the face of intimidation and harassment, including death and rape threats.

It was the racism and sexist bullying that Poorva encountered growing that that opened her eyes to the fact that it is our similarities with other thinking, feeling emotional beings, and not our differences, that really matter. We were amazed and inspired by Poorva´s tenacity, passion and determination to fight for those oppressed. We can’t wait for you to discover her story.

As always, we´ll be conversing in a wonderful new venue over delicious drinks and bites. This time we’re excited to explore the cute and quirky Little Door, Bandra which has all the makings of our new favourite hangout spot.


16 January 2019


Little door
Bandra, Mumbai



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