Curiosity stirs the human soul; the Curiosity Club uplifts women as a whole.

The brainchild of former lawyer Margaux Hammer, the Curiosity Club has become the leading international platform for women by creating a community of committed females who are united by a shared value: the power of curiosity.
We firmly believe that showing interest in all aspects of life (i.e. sports, art, entrepreneurship, technology, politics, management, literature, marketing, religion, beauty, artificial intelligence…the list goes on and on!) and engaging with all types of people leads us to grow and develop our field of knowledge, skills, creativity and potential for innovation. In a world that is constantly reinventing itself, we feel that what will set us apart is staying determinedly curious and optimistic.
Founded in 2015, the Curiosity Club has brought thousands of women together through various live and digital events led by a team of women who are passionate about inspiring & engaging women.
With presence all over the world, the Curiosity Club community is excited to welcome you!