Curiosity is about women. Women who are curious, dreamers, determined, ambitious, sensitive and singular. Women who meet, exchange ideas, inspire each other and lend a helping hand in Curiosity Club gatherings located all around the world. They come to listen to a woman sharing her journey and, in doing so, discover more about themselves.

Curiosity also includes employees and collaborators in companies who have the desire to be supported in taking one step closer to equality, dreaming bigger, and envisioning a fairer world hand in hand.

Ultimately, Curiosity is an extraordinary community of women and men united by curiosity, that incredible quality that drives us to observe, understand, discover ourselves, grow, break free, rise, and take action. This amazing power, through collective momentum, transforms our individuality.

Truly, curiosity has not finished driving us forward.





Chicago, July 2014, a summer evening, an inspiring female personality and a gathering of women around her. It was a moment filled with anticipation and one objective: sharing. Margaux Hammer, then a lawyer, experienced for the first time the fervor of talks among women and the power and impact of these precious moments on her own aspirations. Firmly convinced that it is through curiosity that women can gain confidence, dare to dream big, and fully flourish, she returned to France six months later with one idea in mind: to create an organization that would support women in realizing their potential through the power of curiosity. Curiosity was born.

Initially, the project took the form of clubs located across France and worldwide. These clubs became a place where thousands of women gather monthly to listen to the inspiring stories of resolutely passionate women.

Then, convinced that more needed to be done and that the boundaries between our personal and professional lives are now intertwined, in 2018, Curiosity expanded its mission to include businesses and institutions, providing them with the keys to act in favor of equality. Today, the team, based in dozens of cities in France and worldwide, has supported hundreds of companies and continues strengthening its offerings to have an ever-increasing impact in favor of equality.