What is the ambition of the Curiosity Club?

To enable everyone to take a step closer to gender equality every day through the power of curiosity ! And to do it with enthusiasm, joy and hope ! 

When was the Curiosity Club created?

On October 15, 2014, during a walk on State Street in Chicago after the conference on Chicago Idea’s Week. Our first event took place on February 21, 2015. The dates are important for us!

What is the Curiosity Club?

Today, we define ourselves as an organization that works towards gender equality by enabling individuals and businesses to get involved and take action for a more harmonious world. We have B2B and B2C activities.

What kind of products and services is the Curiosity Club offering ?

We offer a wide range of products and services organized into 7 sub-brands, themselves classified according to the 3 target groups for which they are intended : business (B2B), women / particular (B2C) and part-time entrepreneur (B2B2C).

Our B2B services for business and companies regarding their D&I and HR strategy :

  • Curiosity Diag
  • Curiosity Class
  • Curiosity Talk
  • Curiosity Network

Our B2C services for women as particular regarding their will to gather and belong :

  • Curiosity Event
  • Curiosity Membership (coming soon)

Our B2B2C service for women who want to take their first step into the world of entrepreneurship :

  • Curiosity Licence

Why are some Curiosity Event only open to women?

We are convinced that equality doesn’t just depend on women, and that men need to take up this issue and take action. We believe that women-only actions and moments also serve to bind women together, to create a space of freedom and exchange to give them the strength to act. We therefore believe that equality is everyone’s business, and that the two types of action are complementary and necessary: moments between women and men, and moments solely between women.

“My heart craves sisters more than anything it craves women who help women like flowers crave spring terribly.”Rupi Kaur

As former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said,” there is a region of hell reserved for women who refuse to help their sisters.”

How does one become a «member» of the Curiosity Club? Is there a membership ?

We want a real living and physical community, which is why since 2015 we have created a real community of members, that is to say women who come to our events and feel part of the Curiosity Club because they are inspired by it, They exchange, meet other women. But there is no annual membership to be part of the community yet. We might be working on it and feel free to reach us if you have any thoughts about it.

I know a great woman who could speak at one of your Curiosity Event, how do I recommend her ?

Great! We love your recommendations! You can either write directly to the address of the club you will find in the club section if you are thinking of a club in particular. And otherwise, write us at : hello@curiosity-club.co.

And if that woman is me!

Better yet, we want you on the Curiosity Club stage!

Is there an age limit to be part of Curiosity Club?

No, not any !

Where are you running ?

Throught our Curiosity Licence offer we develop our own network of clubs in France, Europe and internationally. We grow everywhere ! And we have great international ambitions ! If you want to join us and open a club in your town feel free to reach us at :  licence@curiosity-club.co.

I would like to partner or collaborate with you, do you do that?

Yes absolutely, we set up different kind of partnerships (media, brand, etc) when we share values : hello@curiosity-club.co

I’m a company, I’d like to work with you, is that possible?

Absolutely, take a look at the studio section to find out more about support on diversity and inclusion subjects. And do not hesitate to write to us at developpement@curiosity-club.co so that we can meet !

How do you process our data?

We keep your data for us, we don’t sell it, we don’t transfer it. Your data is used to inform you of all our new ideas, initiatives and to invite you to our events. Our entire data privacy policy is online.

I’d like to help you one way or another, how do I do that?

With pleasure ! Write quickly to hello@curiosity-club.co.