The Curiosity Club Lille started out as adventure among friends: Marion, Mélanie, Mathilde, Sophie, Aurélie and Cécile.

These six former colleagues wanted to work together on a project once again. They are six curious, driven and dynamic women who were immediately won over by the concept of the Curiosity Club and were convinced that they would find a receptive and caring community in Lille. The curiosity meet-ups in Lille are exciting and inspiring moments consisting of encounters and exchanges that teach you so much, and you always leave feeling uplifted after hearing the story of an incredible woman. In the north of France, people are known for being welcoming, and the Curiosity Club Lille is as well. You’re invited to come and meet them, and after trying it out once, you’ll become hooked on your shot of curiosity! Their last event was attended by 160 people and featured an auctioneer as a guest speaker.