The Curiosity Club in Lyon took root thanks to Caroline, who discovered the concept through her sister, a supporter of the Lille project! Her curiosity piqued, she decided to go and spend an evening with them. She then visited the club in Paris where she met Margaux. Full of excitement, and convinced that the women of Lyon also deserved their own shot of curiosity, she invited Steph, Sandra, Véro and Isa to join her in this adventure. Success came quickly and each event was a massive hit.

So what drives them? “This idea of sharing experiences, and an incredible, loyal, enthusiastic, friendly and open-minded community that mirrors our team.”

The project provides the chance to meet in incredible places within their beloved city of Lyon, and more importantly meet unique women who share inspiring stories!

Their most magical memory: “In a survey we conducted within our community, the word ‘friendly’ came up repeatedly.”