In 2018, Alice, who is passionate about the richness of women’s journeys, came across a Curiosity Club article…and a love affair was born!

She contacted her partners-in-crime, Odile and Laura, and together they formed the Curiosity Club Toulouse.
So what’s their driving belief? “Awaken curiosity and inspire the women of Toulouse by showcasing the plurality and diversity of women.”

A singer, sex therapist, cancer surgeon, adventurer, soccer player, entrepreneur… The Curiosity Club Toulouse is a time when you get to meet incredible women at a unique place in Toulouse, enjoy a delicious buffet and see the handiwork of a partner designer.

The community of Toulousian women enjoys the quality of the talks it offers and the caring, friendly and party-like atmosphere of its curiosity evenings! Whether it is to meet new people, discover a site, or find inspiration to learn, you are always welcome here!