Maternity leave returns are always a crucial step for companies and a key moment for employees.

From experience, we can say that no company has, to date, found the perfect solution to manage these moments of life.

For our client Colart, we imagined a tailor-made experience around this subject and to highlight the exceptional women who make this company live and who have gone through this adventure. Convinced that each woman has a talkeuse to reveal and visions to share, we created an interview between two company collaborators and an inspiring NASA researcher who was just returning from maternity leave.

The objective was therefore to dig deeper into the background by bringing out the collective intelligence, and to shed light on the two employees of the company by an interview of an exceptional woman in front of more than 250 of their employees.

This experience was a success that allowed us to discuss the challenges and opportunities of being a leadership figure in the workplace while having young children, and to shed light on these exceptional women.

Thank you girls for you openness and sincerity, very inspiring ! This is such a great start to the week !

Can we all come off mute and applaud everyone ??? This session was AMAZING !!!

Fantastic and inspirational stories, thank you for sharing with us today.

I will share this with my daughter to inspire her too !

Thank you so much to the team that made this happen. There are a lot of insights and inspiring learning that we will definitely taking home today !

What we did for Colart:

  • Proposal of formats, and creation of custom format
  • Coaching of female employees in public speaking (group and individual)
  • Individual interview with company employees
  • Writing the interview script
  • Sourcing of the talker
  • Advice & communication around the event
  • Town Hall Animation
  • Project management from A to Z