Offering a coupon means offering woman who is important to you the opportunity to attend a Curiosity Event in the city of her choice. Each of our clubs organizes betweento 10 Curiosity Event per year and we hope you will enjoy it ! 

What happens at our Curiosity Event ? 

  • There are different kind of formats for our Curiosity Event : lunch, dinner, reading, etc…
  • These events are always about inspiring women : you will meet one or more of them and keep a memory for ever of their life journey !
  • These events usually take place in an unusual and beautiful place to discover your cities in a unique way. 
  • It’s always during the week !
  • You will always meet other women from the community !

Offer a coupon to a woman that matters to you.

Concretely, how is it going?


  • You buy here a coupon for the city of your choice,
  • You get a beautiful piece of paper by mail.
  • You offer it to the woman of your choice,
  • She goes to the Events section and selects the Curiosity event of her choice, enters her gift code and receives her place to attend directly by e-mail.
  • She comes out of the event, happy, inspired and with the desire to make everything burst ! She loves you, and will never thank you enough for this unique gift she will never forget.


Home delivery of the curiosity coupon in envelope




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