Offering a curiosity coupon means offering woman who is important to you the opportunity to attend a Curiosity Club event in the city of her choice. Each of our clubs organizes between 6 to 10 events per year, these events are called “Rendez-vous of curiosity”.

What happens at the Rendez-vous of curiosity?

  • The event takes place in an unusual and beautiful place to discover your cities in a unique way!
  • Usually from 7:30 to 10:30 during the week,
  • During this event, you can drink, eat and enjoy :everything is included ! The products are sourced from women producer partners,
  • A fascinating and inspiring woman will talk about her life journey for 40 minutes followed by an intimate Q&A with the speaker
  • The opportunity to meet some great women who also came, to attend this event of curiosity!


Offer acuriosity coupon to a woman who mattersto you!


Concretely, how is it going?


  • You buy here a curiosity coupon for the city of your choice,
  • You get a beautiful piece of paper by mail.
  • You offer it to the woman of your choice,
  • She goes to the Events section and selects the event of her choice, enters her gift code and receives her place to attend directly by e-mail.
  • She comes out of the event, happy, inspired and with the desire to make everything burst! She loves you, and will never thank you enough for this unique gift she will never forget.


Home delivery of the curiosity coupon in envelope




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