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JE SUIS – In 20 fascinating women’s place – TOME II 


20 self-portraits tome II is our second opus written with humor and fineness by Sophie Astrabie, the author who has awakened your curiosity for three years through our newsletter !
Elsa Triolet, Alice Milliat, Marguerite Durand, Jeanne Barret… These women are our legacy. They are our models behind the scenes, our mothers who would be enough to adopt, our sisters too, who are our age in another era.
Above all, they are the ones that can allow ourselves. Their way exists and it is up to us to take it.
Strong, powerful, fascinating women. Women who have their own history, their struggles, their defeats.Women who have a place in our libraries, in ourconversations and in our textbooks.
So, we wanted to write these women to enter them into the eternity and create with them, the prettiest book of curiosity!
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