Having discovered first hand that yoga can be effective as a therapeutic intervention to help re-establish peoples’ relationships with their physical and mental health, Abi Nolan embarked on an adventure in business, a world wholly unknown to her, in order to bridge a social gap and democratise access to health and wellbeing services for her whole community.

Supply Yoga is the culmination of founder Abi’s unusual set of experiences. From engaging with her body through dance and choreography and working for 3rd sector support services to her impassioned interest in working with a diverse community of people and the social determinants of health that affect them.

We remind you of the concept and what your ticket includes:

  • A talk by a woman with an extraordinary background
  • In a place that is always different
  • Tasting of sourced products with our local women service providers (food + drink)
  • The discovery of our ecosystem of partners (fashion, art, music, charity...) present during the event
  • A moment of sharing and exchange with the women of Curiosity community

About this event

Women's event only 


5 January 2018


Supply Yoga


20h00 - 23h00


25 €

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