For our very first event in Milano, we invited Linda Maroli, the Italian co-founder of Temakinho, a successful restaurant chain that mixes Brazilian culture with Japanese cuisine in a unique twist.

In 2012, Linda decides to quit her job in the fashion industry to engage in a totally different project: a culinary experience which combines the light, fresh and soft Japanese Sushi with tasty tropical Brazilian flavours.

In just a few years, Temakinho has become a renowned restaurant chain and is now located in seven cities. The Temakinho concept responds to the modern need of a fast and easy to eat cuisine, whilst guaranteeing fresh, sophisticated and healthy products. When describing her entrepreneurial adventure and personal experience, Linda Maroli talks not only as a woman, but also as a mother and enlightened businessperson.

“Amor & Coragem”: two words that perfectly describe the love and passion Linda brought to her entrepreneurial path and to Temakinho. This is reflected in the importance given on the one hand to sustainability and environmental impact, and on the other hand on the restaurants’ interior design and attention to details.

Relaxed Brazilian atmosphere, Bossanova notes, elegant and colourful furniture, tasty and good quality products: this is essence of Temakinho and these are the ingredients for such a success story.

From a more personal perspective, Linda responded to all our questions emphasizing her work-life balance. She now lives in Ibiza where she continues her work of food discovery as a source of inspiration for herself and for her business.

Last but not least, the talk was organized with the collaboration of TED Milano that kindly hosted the women community in their beautiful location, a Gio Ponti Villa. TED Milano is a brand new space devoted to the interior design world in Milan and over the past few years it has become a resource to interior design and a perfect location for unique events.


On vous rappelle le concept et ce que comprend votre ticket :

  • Un talk d’une femme au parcours hors du commun
  • Dans un lieu à chaque fois différent
  • La dégustation de produits sourcés auprès de nos prestataires féminins locaux (food + cocktails Lillet)
  • La découverte de notre écosystème de partenaires (mode, art, musique, asso…) présents lors de l'événement
  • Un moment de partage et d’échange avec les femmes de la communauté du Curiosity Club

About this event

Women's event only 


14 May 2019


TED Milano


20h00 - 23h00


25 €

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