H. THEORIA – A subversive duet

Paris, year 2011. On a Summer night on the right riverbank of the Seine, Marlène and Camille met for the first time. Friendship at first sight strikes these two bold young women. Their tempers and their itineraries are so different, but they have two passions in common: taste and singular experiences. Three years after their first encounter, inspired by their desire to create something together, they imagined the premises of a story that has become the H.THEORIA brand.

“The connection is just obvious. It harvests the best of their complementarity. Marlène’s inspiration, her artistic folly and Baudelairian spirit, with Camille’s enthusiasm, her commercial instinct and her entrepreneur profile.”


Marlène graduated from the ISIPCA and has been an expert in olfaction and formulation for over 6 years.

She loves writing poetry, contradicting everyone in a debate, sniffing people’s necks, and the scent of beta-caryophyllene, a molecule smelling of old attics.

Thanks to her brains and to her nose, she has created the bold and astonishing compositions of H.THEORIA the way you would create a perfume—always seeking for perfect balance between the fruit, plants, spices, woods and herbs.


Camille graduated from EDHEC. She is a manager in gourmet cuisine.

She loves inspirers, coffee, Corsican chants, riding her electric scooter and reading positive management books.

She combines the assets of her experience as the head of a prestigious cuisine company with her commercial audacity, and she can move mountains to have someone taste one drop of the H.THEORIA liquors.
Her first ambition is to serve ”cuisine artists” as she calls them, in order to promote their talents.

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