Hello Serena, your monthly feminine box

Interviewing Olivia, Founder of hello serena


Is taking care of your body and health a complicated task?

Taking care of your body and your health is essential. What we do for ourselves is often more important than what medicine can offer us.

Is it complicated? No, it’s a matter of personal motivation, positive thinking and healthy habits. Let go of the feeling of guilt, fear or regret.

How? Choose the lifestyle habits that are right for you! Take the time, even if you are busy. Take the time to eat well and exercise. Take the time to understand your feelings. In short, set aside time for what matters to you and learn to say no to things that don’t suit you.

Why is making women aware of the dangers related to certain female protection products so important to you?

Because I want to empower women to make an informed choice so that they in turn can empower other women.

What is a clean planet for you?

Being aware of the planet health and give others inspiration and a good example to follow. As individuals, we have the potential to make a big difference and together we can change the world. So let’s clean up the planet!

If you were to give one piece of advice for having a “healthy mind in a healthy body”, which one would it be?

Don’t forget to step back (and have fun!).



How do you do your part in saving the planet on a daily basis?

Professionally, I work every day to make hello serena as ecological as possible, while encouraging our community to adopt this way of life.
Personally, with my family and other families, we work together to honor and preserve the agriculture and nature of Terre di sacra, a magical property in Tuscany protected by WWF since 1968. For this, we protect this corner of paradise, the mining and hunting industries, a prestigious tradition in Tuscany.

What does femininity represent for you?

We usually say that femininity is synonymous with empathy, calm, inner confidence and self-confidence. In my opinion, femininity is to appreciate being a woman! There is no right way to dress or make up. Everything is in your attitude. Be yourself and femininity will come with it.

How do you see the future of hello serena?

I want hello serena to become a natural and modern intimate hygiene essential for women around the world. Our goal: to meet the needs and desires of our customers with one goal, serenity!

What would you like to say to new generations of women?

Find someone whose qualities and character you admire and learn all you can from that person. But do not try to imitate it, be yourself! Don’t forget to enjoy the trip of a lifetime! From time to time stop and ask yourself: how big is my current challenge. Take a step back!


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