The Curiosity Club Mumbai converses with one of Mumbai’s leading historians, Alisha Sadikot (@alishasadikot), learning about how she converted her passion of history and heritage into a successful career, her journey into creating fascinating heritage walking tours in the city & much more!

Watch our conversation for some never-before heard stories of Mumbai & read on for highlights:

On The Inheritage Project:
“I want to broaden and deepen the conversation on art and heritage. I want more people talking about history, engaging with it, not just in museums, but also the streets of city.”

“The biggest challenge is a shift in mind-set. You need to shift the focus from the museum collection to the museum audience”

On how she curates her heritage walking tours:
“Often it is looking at the city as a mosaic or a jigsaw puzzle, where every area has its own story to tell. When you start to unravel the stories in the physical space, then it’s a walking tour”

On one of Mumbai’s most interesting stories:
“In the early 1800s,when there was no electricity, there was enterprising business out of Boston who would cut up huge sheets of ice and ship it all the way to India. When it arrived 8 months later, ice became a craze, a luxury item!”