At Curiosity Club, every quarter we want to trigger your curiosity… with one word! And, with our curiosity – this tool with which we can explore, discover, meet – we want to break down this word: to tell what it means to us, to you and to all the women that you meet in every Curiosity Club around the world.

For the next three months, we want to explore :

What a great topic to unleash our curiosity. Because curiosity makes us travel, see other places, other countries, other cultures, other jobs, other religions, other ways of thinking. So why not use our curiosity to reach out to other generations ? This is the first thing we’ll do for the next few months with you: meet women of all ages and find out what they have to tell us.

We will also explore how we picture age and all the different ages of life. How some of the media or major brands picture age, and how this view is largely outdated.

Age is first an objective measure, a mathematical formula: the time that stretches between today’s date and the date featured in small letters on my ID… this date of birth which I first fiddled with to gain access to nightclubs or drink my first beers, and which I, fairly quickly afterwards, tried to sweep under the rug. By the way, why is it that we feel the need to conceal our age? Why does it always feel satisfying to be told we don’t look our age? Why do I systematically comment with an outdated  “we’re not getting any younger” when I see an old friend’s kid who’s gotten taller since I saw them last? And why, on the contrary, do some societies consider aging as being synonymous with wisdom, superiority, respect, pride ?

So many paradoxes: children leaving their childhood behind at an increasingly early age, delayed transitions to adulthood and a more sustainable old age but often driven by the desire to stay young.

What about women in all this ? Between Hillary Clinton, the target of an American radio host asking “Will this country want to actually watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis?”, and the female Police Commissioner who anonymously confided to us, during her talk at Curiosity Club in 2018, that what her new team most struggled with when she came into office was her age… We can’t help but think that there’s still a long road ahead !

Come to think of it, is being young or old only a mathematical question ? How does Jane Goodall, this British ethologist who dedicated her life to the study of chimpanzees in Tanzania and who still, at 86 years old, speak about it with such spark in her eyes, stay young ? How does Vic’s grandmother stay young in The Party ?

George Sand gave us food for thought with the following sentences to reflect on: “I still have so much to learn and to discover, only curiosity keeps me alive.. What irony ! When I was young I could only think of dying, but now that I’m at the dawn of old age, I believe I’m eternal. But aren’t we all in a way ? ”

We want to delve deeper into this word, to turn it upside down, to tear it apart, with you and with every woman that we’ll meet, together, at the Curiosity Clubs of Paris, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, Lyon, Rennes, Brussels, Milan, London and Mumbai ! займ даже безработным