Are you familiar with their She’s Mercedes initiative?

When we discovered it, our collaboration seemed obvious to us!

This initiative is aimed at women to talk to them about inspiring topics, but above all to remind them that, as Bertha Benz did several decades ago: you have to believe in yourself.

Believe in your potential, your abilities, your desires and especially your dreams.

At the French Curiosity Club, to enable women to believe in them, we decided to focus everything on their visibility. To highlight them, to celebrate them, to present them to you. From his two visions was born the FCC x Mercedes-Benz experience.

We didn’t half do it!

We took these 60 women on a unique adventure on the Mortefontaine circuit.

On site, a passionate team of drivers, driven by a love of transmission, awaited us with more than 14 vehicles from the Mercedes-AMG range. AMG GT R Coupé, AMG GT S and C Roadster, S-Class Cabriolet, GLE Coupé – we were stuck! Mercedes-Benz has put at our disposal its most beautiful fleet of vehicles to make us live intense sensations! Driving at more than 250 km/h, on 90° roads and skidding on the airplane – as if it were normal to occupy his Tuesday afternoon by slipping into a Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé.

After this experience, where each of the women was able to try their hand at driving on the circuit, we had the honour of listening to the course of two drivers – Karine Liotta and Line Piguet. Two touching women of sincerity, endearing, efficient, humble, persevering, passionate, funny and complicit. Real FCC talkeuses for which we had a crush.

And icing on the cake, all this was filmed so that you can live it or relive it!

And captured in photos and podcast (French) !

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