Kala Ghoda in Mumbai, Museum Mile in NYC or the Royal Borough of Kensington – all have their fair share of world class museums, galleries and auction houses. So why can it all seem so inaccessible for the art curious? Saras Rachupalli, CEO and Founder of Kovet,Art is on a mission to change that.

We talk to Saras about the goal of Kovet.Art – to demystify and democratize art for all. She tells us that the platform is an innovative solution for discovering emerging art that disrupts the traditional “art gallery” paradigm, one that is more accessible, more fair and transparent.

Kovet.Art combines (1) an incubator that provides new artists with guidance & representation, (2) a real and virtual gallery for art enthusiasts and collectors, and (3) an engaged and informed artistic community built via a series of ‘Kovet Club’ events, talks and panels. The platform takes it a few steps further – adding Virtual Reality (VR) shows to extend the feeling of discovery and three dimensionalities as much as possible to a global audience!

Saras lets us into her personal journey that led her to build Kovet.Art. With advanced degrees in Finance & Engineering from Columbia University, and another one in Innovation from Stanford University, she decided mid-career to give up the stability that comes with a job, & pursue relentlessly, her very own entrepreneurial dream. Arming herself with courses from Sotheby’s & Christies and acquiring support from the Mayor of London’s office to propel her into creating a unique art business, hers is an inspirational story to anyone looking to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

We were particularly interested in learning about the advice Saras had for young collectors who are just starting to build their own collections and navigate the art world. “To demystify the aura around the art world, train your eye” Saras advises, by visiting as many museums, galleries, and shows – only to understand your own personal style, your own budget, and to understand the direction the art world is moving towards.

We conclude our conversation with Saras by asking about her experience of launching a new business in the middle of a global pandemic. Showing incredible grit, resilience and creativity, Kovet.Art moved their inaugural exhibition online, added a VR show to extend the feeling of three dimensionalities as much as possible, and increased engagement for the global art curious by moving their panels and talks to online as well!

Watch the full conversation with Saras, and stay till the very end to learn more about her personal favourite emerging artists.