Moving from the country that eats waffles, drinks beer and revels in diamonds to a country which eats vada pao drinks sugarcane juice and is Bollywood crazy is quite a switch. She’s always been traditional at heart and progressive by mind. A passion? Solitaire diamonds: a space for creativity and an innovative channel.

Rittika graduated from Lancaster University in the UK with a degree in media and sociology. She relocated to Mumbai after her marriage, where she did her post-graduation in Global Family Managed Business Studies at SP Jain College.

Rittika aspired to be conspicuous in her work field. She seized the opportunity to create a niche experience within the retail sector, for travelers hungry to consume. Her boutique in Brussels was within the space of retail tourism and that helped her develop a strong entrepreneurial depth as well as provide great exposure in handling clientele from across the world. Today, when she looks back, she appreciates the interpersonal skills that she learned passively and how the project taught her to be a good leader who adapts to all situations.

An anecdote she can relate to, especially after spending the past 6 years in Mumbai, is:

Every Morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up
It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning a lion wakes up
It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle
When the sun comes up you better be running!

Solitaire diamonds are always symbolic of relationships. They are seen as style icons, as something which reflects class. Unfortunately, nobody goes beyond this to understand how to buy a solitaire diamond that suits your hand and pocket. To create more clarity, Rittika founded Rittika Karvat Diamond Solutions – her own customized bespoke solitaire diamond jewelry service. She also instituted a passion project of workshops to empower consumers with basic diamond know-how as a way of giving back to the industry.

The conceptualization of her own channel of work was an accidental promotion. She says: “When I moved to India I did not come with a plan, it was my husband’s business that brought me back to mine. While traveling with him I ended up helping someone with their wedding anniversary gift. That triggered the rest as the consulate I sold the solitaire diamond ring to was very happy to have become a well-informed buyer. For the first time I was requested to conduct a seminar with the same communication on how to buy solitaire diamonds and everyone all queued up. I transformed from a diamond expert to a diamond educator. My strong foundation in the manufacturing side of the business due to my family background back in Belgium, helped me gradually associate myself with all the top production houses in Surat. I source the diamonds straight from Production to Person as my working strategy. I think my strength lies in customization at mass pricing, I can provide a large range in various qualities, and tailor-make solitaires to a person’s taste and further design the jewel that will hold it.” Rittika truly offers a complete solution!

Rittika is proud to have achieved all this at 31. One of her favorite childhood memories is in France at the Disney: no matter which relative or friend it was, everyone rediscovered the child in them.

Rittika says she is a fearless person but digging deeper she realizes that she fears not meeting expectations. This fear has worked well to make her work harder and put in a lot more effort even in things that don’t require it. She dreams to live every moment passionately by following her heart and hoping that a by-product of her work is touching the lives of many positively.

Her biggest failure is in comprehending that she cannot please everyone. On the other hand, her success is in finding light in the tunnel in all situations, and taking charge to turn them around by waiting patiently and adapting as needed, making the best of the situation and leaving no sour taste. While there have been no major heartbreaks, the one thing she regrets is the scarcity of time and therefore anything that distracts her from her purpose. She looks up to someone like Amal Clooney for balance, a great human being, a great wife and a great mother.

One of her inspirations in recent times is a friend who is epileptic running her own business that helps employ more people who suffer the same issue of epilepsy; an epitome of spirit and teamwork.

One of her habits (whether it’s good or bad that she cannot diagnose!) is that she overanalyzes, which helps her getting answers before the questions arise. The most interesting part of her life is her 2.5-year-old son with whom she is madly in love and also obsessed about.

A book she read to unwind and answer the unknown is “I am the mind” by Deep Trivedi with earplugs playing “Fly me to the moon” by Frank Sinatra. Rittika would finally conclude with this thought: “Life can be as meaningful as you make it”.

Rittika Karvat (self-employed)
Operates from BKC for workshops and client meets.
Postal address:
MUMBAI 400036
Phone: +91 97691 88198
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/solitaireinfo/
Insta : @rittikakarvat 
Twitter : https://twitter.com/RittikaKarvat

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