Lamya is 30 years old – she was born in Bombay and lived part of her teenage years in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. She’s now back in the Maharashtra’s capital and says that “it will always be Bombay!”.

Lamya studied Media and Communication with a major in Film Studies. She has managed and taught at yoga studio and vegetarian café “The Yoga House” in Mumbai for the last 5 years. She says, “It was where all my various skill sets were developed and put into action! Today I teach yoga and meditation workshops, corporate programs for positivity and emotional mastery. However, the most fulfilling of my endeavors is my work as an empowerment coach where I work with individuals on a one-on-one basis helping them create a life filled with purpose and joy.”

A childhood memory? “My brother and I spent most of our childhood years doing many things together from horse riding to swimming, playing tennis, skating, traveling and dancing. One memory is of him as a 5 year old and me as a 10 year old – our parents would often leave us to entertain ourselves and this time we were on an island in Thailand and our parents left us at the resort and went shopping – we were in the pool and sea ALL day long! It was a really joyful, fun day! I think the best moments of my childhood were lived with my brother.”

An anecdote that left an impression on you? “I lost one of my best friends at the age of 20 – he got caught in a rip current in Brazil and drowned. I was very instrumental in assisting him to go to Brazil. After the incident I was filled with guilt thinking I should have never helped him. However, this experience opened up my heart and mind to spirituality and life after death. It was the turning point that nudged me into yoga, teaching and healing.

A fear? “Gosh! I think I fear that the planet/earth is under a lot of stress and I may have to witness a time when simple pleasures like fresh air and clean water will be luxuries.”

A dream? “To create a sustainable system for waste management and effective recycling of plastic.”

A failure? “I’ve had a few failed romantic relationships. I think they were teaching me to respect myself, honor my needs and speak my truth.”

A success? “The Yoga House community has inspired many students to become teachers and many individuals to walk the path of self- growth. For me that is a huge success!”

A regret? “That I didn’t prioritize a career in Fashion/Design.”

A heroine? “Elena Brower and Marianne Williamson.”

Last thing that inspired you? “My travels to Bali. It’s a melting pot of creative minds. It has forests and beaches and mountains. Pure Love.”

A habit? “Early mornings are for me… work/study/writing/practice.”

An obsession? “Breaking all the rules. I’m incapable of conformation.”

Bedside book? “It’s always changing but right now I’m reading – “Ask Your Guides” by Sonia Choquette.”

Music? “Krishna Das is on every playlist. I also love Lana Del Rey.”

Something else to say? “Standing in your authenticity is the biggest gift you can give yourself. Drop the masks. Drop the approval seeking and you can live in your greatest power.”

What are you doing now? “Other than all the above, planning my wedding!”

What would you like to do tomorrow? “Create a home with my partner/fiance (he’s my biggest support) and continue to transform lives.”

Projects, dreams, etc? “It’s a dream to write and publish a book/books. To be motivational speaker. To live in a self sustainable home/farm and grow my own

Instagram : pixielammy
Phone number : +91 9820184584
Yoga classes every Monday at 6pm at The Yoga House,
Bandra website:

Written by Lamya Arsiwala and FCC Mumbai team

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