In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, breast cancer continues to be a modern epidemic. Dr. Vidhi Shah, an onco-surgeon specialising in breast cancer at Asian Cancer Institute – Cumballa Hill Hospital (Kemps Corner, Mumbai), took the time this month to help us take charge of our breast health.

Dr. Vidhi breaks down who is most susceptible to this disease, how we can get ahead of the risk of breast cancer, common misconceptions, cancer treatment during COVID-19, and what to expect, and avoid, if you (or someone around you) faces a life-changing diagnosis.

As incidents of breast cancer continue to rise at an alarming rate, breast awareness needs to be more than just a month in our calendars. It means knowing your body, your breast density, understanding your family history, hormonal changes and lifestyle and how each of these factors impacts your risk levels. It may seem daunting, but checking in on yourself is the best way to detect if something’s wrong. You know yourself best.

Watch our full conversation with Dr. Vidhi!



** This interview is not a replacement for medical advice or regular check-ins with your doctor. Cancer is unique, and so are you!