Going in to the discussion, we were particularly intrigued by what drives a successful chartered accountant to step away from a comfortable and traditionally coveted career to tackle entrepreneurship head on (in a sector notorious for its high failure rates, no less), and just as keen to understand Gauri’s take on being a woman restauranteur in an industry that has traditionally been a bastion of men.

We were also struck by the idea of “ingredient-driven” cuisine; something that the Table is renowned for (Gauri: “the ingredient is the hero!”), and the fact that Gauri’s focus on locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients for her menus (“Farm to Table!”) has probably made the business more resilient to take on lockdown-driven shortages of imported ingredients (and hopefully made our immune systems more pandemic-resilient too, given that we’re being fed better quality produce!).

Watch our full conversation with Gauri on video, including Gauri’s advice for those contemplating their own entrepreneurial adventure.