We had the pleasure of interviewing 2 incredibly accomplished women – Sangita Kathiwada, a cultural entrepreneur in design and sustainability, and Kavitha Mantha, a chef and slow food advocate. Together, they are the force behind Sava – a unique food retail experience tucked away between the arches of a 100 year old bungalow on Altamount Road. Sava focuses on eco-consumption and sustainability. Its shelves are stocked with local, naturally grown and ethically sourced produce and its café offers a weekly menu of drinks, bread, salads and desserts, all curated based on the fresh ingredients available.

Sangita and Kavita discuss how, through Sava, they are bringing to life their philosophy of conscious consumption, and their journey of building a community of mindful and eco-conscious consumers.

In line with our current focus on exploring and redefining  “age” and “aging”, Sangita and Kavitha share their valuable insights on how there is no perfect or ideal age for going after what you are passionate about.

Watch the full conversation here or on our IGTV!

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