FCC Mumbai host a series of monthly meet-ups in handpicked venues around the city. Their mission is  to shed light on talented and ambitious women who inspire an international audience. Apart from the meet-ups and talks, their program, “Engage by FCC”, aims to promote social initiatives that support the community. Seams For Dreams is proud to be the first NGO that Engage by FCC has partnered with, and continues to be an integral part of the Engage by FCC program.

Guests attending FCC Mumbai meets and events are encouraged to bring along old pieces of clothing for donation to Seams For Dreams to support those in need. SFD has its own booth at these events where guests can drop off their clothing donations and also learn more about SFD’s efforts and initiatives. Seams For Dreams are thrilled to have collected over 500 items of clothing through these events, and have further donated these to our affiliated non-profits. In keeping with the women-centric theme of these events, SFD have also showcased special couture pieces provided by designers and celebrities to help raise funds in support of its mission to clothe people in need across India.

At the fourth and latest FCC Mumbai event at the Little Door in Bandra, SFD showcased bits and pieces from its many different focus areas. The team was able to raise funds through the sale of new exclusive designer merchandise tees which were designed by Salita Nanda. In addition, the team also had pieces from their up cycled accessories line for attendees to peruse, along with samples of their latest awareness project, SFD Love Bundles! As always, the SFD team was grateful to a few generous clothing donations from members of the club!

Evelyn Sharma, the founder of SFD, along with the rest of Team SFD are thrilled that FCC Mumbai has given Evelyn Sharma the wonderful opportunity to share her personal journey of becoming an actress, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with their members! To make things even more exciting, SFD launched their brand new SFD Up Cycled Collection in a pop-up fashion show! This fashion line is made from pieces of scrap fabric, damaged clothing, and left-over materials – giving value back to valueless!
Most importantly, collaborating with FCC Mumbai has allowed Seams For Dreams to expand its reach and clothe more people in need. Once again, tremendous thanks to Team FCC Mumbai and its members for helping SFD  work towards the goal of helping more people in need, and propelling SFD expansion efforts and distribution missions.

If you would like more information on the SFD x FCC Mumbai collaboration, here  are a few blogs from our website (www.SeamsForDreams.com) covering FCC events and our association with them:






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