“My name is Mathilde and I am French! I am 23 years old. I joined LP4Y in February 2019 after graduating from a French business school.

I started part-time volunteering a few years ago in France and I wanted to live the experience of full time volunteering – to be on the ground and in contact with the community. LP4Y offers this opportunity so I joined without any hesitation 🙂 I also like climbing, running and travelling!”


“My name is Loriane and I am French. I am 28 years old, and I am part of LP4Y since August 2018. I will be staying in Mumbai, India for one year. I was previously working in Paris for two years as a medical assistant for an insurance company, organizing the repatriation of our clients. However, I wanted a job that had meaning, and not only to make money.

I decided to join LP4Y because I have always been interested in working with an NGO. While I did a Masters Degree in “Negotiation of International Project” in English and Italian, I did not have a specific profile to apply for the job I wanted. After passing some interviews, I realized that I needed to have “field” experience to be able to start my career in this domain – CSR, foundation or NGO. It is most relevant to work at the head office after a first field experience. I am also a big fan of travel, and for all these reasons I am part of the LP4Y family!”


In India, LP4Y is the Youth inclusion wing of Tomorrow’s Foundation based in Kolkata. Throughout a 9-month full-time curriculum, the Youths follow English, IT and business trainings, which they put in practice by running a micro-business activity (a positive professional experience). The target is to work towards their integration into the decent professional world  and enhance Youth empowerment while building their life & professional skills and a business mindset !

LP4Y has developed centers in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India (since 2015), Nepal and Myanmar. Today in India, there are currently 2 centers in Delhi, 2 in Kolkata, 1 in Mumbai, 1 in Bangalore, 1 in Chennai and 1 in Raipur (Chhattisgarh). Altogether, over 300 Youths are currently enrolled in LP4Y programs throughout India.

LP4Y partners with companies and NGO on the field to tie links between the employees and the Youths, to expose them to the professional world and help them build their future projects. 

In the center of Malwani, Mumbai, they need your help ! If you want to be part of the adventure : come and join LP4Y as a volunteer trainer.