ELI GRITA, the rebirth of a woman and the birth of a brand


Eli Grita is before all an artist: Julia Colléaux – some would say she is a true chameleon! From early on, she is passionate about all ways of artistic expression: dance, theatre and singing.

As a keen admirer of the Franco-Chilean artist Alejandro Jodorowsky, it is after an epiphanic reading of his Dance of Reality where the author explains his discovery of shamanism that she decides to fly off to Latin America in 2010. There, she discovers an unparalleled abundance of colours, architectures, and shapes that will fire her inspiration.

In 2012, after years studying art, fashion and music, Julia settles for the latter. Her talent as a DJ is renowned worldwide, from Paris to Seoul or Mexico, she spins records in the best clubs.

Later, during an initiatory journey with shamans in Mexico, she lives an actual rebirth, and decides to change her name to Eli Grita, “she who speaks loud and clear”.

So the story begins…

She now is the Artistic Director of the brand.


Eli Grita means for each and every one to reveal and live their own power!

Launched in 2015 by the designer Julia Colléaux, Eli Grita is a character. An identity in constant evolution, full of surprises; it is a way of life, the alchemy of all these women Julia admires. Through her creations, Julia tells the story of this girl who transforms herself following her instinct.

Eli Grita is a brand of ready-to-wear and accessories promoting the new luxury: the luxury to be yourself!

Through her creations, Eli Grita allused to spirituality, symbols and the meaning of shapes and colours.

Each piece has been carefully thought, designed, and handmade in Paris, in a limited edition. Each piece is unique, has its own story, its own mysteries, its own personality. It is this very uniqueness that the designer wishes to transmit to all women and men wearing her creations.

Free yourself from every day routine and choose to light up your own path of expression.

These jackets and bags will transform you into the best version of yourself, and reveal to the world your authenticity, day and night!


Eli GRITA is a brand, but most of all it is a story. The story of its creator, the fruit of a life and of multiple journeys. In 2010 sings and dances, and she enters the City of Light that bewitches her. However, something is missing, there is a void to fill, questions that need answers, and meaning that is yet to be found. Julia then leaves her Pasian comfort and embraces her lust for wander. She goes, looking for encounters, looking for meaning, and looking for herself. Passionate about Latin america, she quickly sets her mind: off to Mexico! In her quest for spirituality she finds genuineness and an integrity that was missing in her life.

In love with the country, she lets the magic of the country guide her and makes wondrous encounters, each more extraordinary than the last. After meeting a group of shamans she finds the answer to some of her questioning. She is reborn and becomes ELI GRITA, “she who speaks loud and clear”.

It is the rebirth of a woman and the birth of a brand.

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