P.i.C, dial ad infinitum

London Brand P.i.C – a conscious capsule collection

P.i.C creates the multifunctional conscious capsule collection. With just eight pieces combined together, these can create more than 50+ outfits. P.i.C are doing it the right way for people and the planet, rebelling against industry norms.

“The vision is to create a contemporary capsule wardrobe that is timeless, space-saving and with limited impact on the environment. This is thoughtful fashion. Slow fashion. It’s time to stop over buying and instead choose stuff you love and invest in it. P.i.C believe there is a better way.’

Consciously designed and lovingly made around the corner in a local London factory. Even the pieces are named after London areas. P.i.C uses fabrics that are locally sourced, sustainable, organic or select stock material.

To find out more, please send an email to info@pic-style.com

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This is… #FashionForTheFuture

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