1. A personalized vinyl

Isn’t music the thing we share the most? Of course it is. Some music corresponds to memories, moments, friendships… So this idea of personalized vinyl appealed to us right away! What is a personalized vinyl? You create a playlist, you choose the color of the record, an image for the center, one for the cover and then Ovnyl burns it on a vinyl and takes care of the personalization! Clara Luciani, Hoshi, Celeste, Joe Bel, Camelia Jordana, Barbara Pravi, Yseult, Clea Vincent, Pomme, Agnes Obel, Charlotte Cardin, Sofi Tukker.

It’s over here!

2. A hot and committed puzzle.

Do you know Summer 1981? Behind this pretty pseudo, it’s Delphine Cauly who makes sublime illustrations (the Brigitte album, it’s her). She joined forces with Piece&Love, the stylish puzzles made in France, to create the hottest puzzle ever. The best part? 100% of the profits from these sales will be donated to the Women’s House.


3. A kettle for life.

Kareen Maya Levy created Kippit, an appliance company designing products that are sustainable, repairable, upgradeable and open-ended. Durable because the parts last a long time. Repairable because everything can be repaired and every part changed. Evolutive, because the products will evolve but will not disappear to be replaced by another model. Finally, the kippit project is an open project. It is open source and open hardware. Everything is published. The plans, the suppliers are available. Their first product is the Jaren kettle and we are fans of the concept.



4. A personalized bookplate

Morgane Rospars creates bookplates. A bookplate is an inscription inside a book, by which the owner marks his possession by name. The ex-libris can take the form of a stamp, a seal, etc. Morgane offers ex-libris in limited series (often 5) or even, ex-libris entirely personalized from a description you may have made of a person. It’s beautiful, chic, original and terribly old-fashioned.




5. A pretty candle.

Poēsie is a scented storytelling studio handmade in Champagne by Marine and Valentin. Pretty candles, in pretty pots with pretty smells. Because right now, we’re staying home a lot, so we might as well feel good about it.




6. A unique illustration.

Monocotyledone is Virginie Lefebvre who works with Indian ink to make very fine drawings full of poetry. Right now, on her Instagram account, she even sells the originals. Otherwise, you can always treat yourself to a limited edition poster. And that’s a little unique too.




7. An embroidered t-shirt

A girl and thread is Anaïs, an embroidery and 90s enthusiast. She embroiders on tee-shirts some pretty and funny things.

Discover it here for a shot of nostalgia.



8. A beautiful graphic novel.


Léonie Bischoff’s Anaïs Nin comic book is aesthetically beautiful. It also allows us to know more about this incredible woman that was Anaïs Nin, a mysterious writer who was absolutely at odds with her time.


9. A vase that smells of Provence.

Oustao is an e-shop of handmade decorative objects, only in limited series, made in Provence. We loved the Alma ceramic vase made by Dorothée Juilliard.



10. A reflection on ourselves.

We have not one but many identities. So Laure Barrière designed a Matriochkas box to explore each of them. The objective? To create, draw and illustrate each Matryoshka card to bring out its identities, its personalities. You can come back in 6 months, 2 years, 5 years to observe the transformations. You can do it alone, like a diary, or with others. You can do it for yourself but also for someone you love: this is how I perceive you. Discover it here.

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