Beatrice is an entrepreneur. In 2007 she founded Merci Maman, a brand offering personalised jewellery. The company grew suddenly when one of her pieces was spotted around Kate Middleton’s neck. But tonight, with us, she shared the whole story of how did she built a solid project and how she was ready for the “royal wave”, the featuring in Hello Magazine and her the fats expansion of her business after that. 

For Beatrice, the key to her success is “trying”, trying what you believing in and working with people you trust and love. Among faithful employees, Merci Maman counts Arnaud, Beatrice’s husband who left his job in the city to join her adventure. 

Beatrice shared her life-changing story and tips to meet the Queen herself ! With honesty and humour, she talked about the challenges of being a successful entrepreneur as well as a mum.

Thank you all for joining us tonight, for sharing your stories with us and we hope to see you all very soon for our second meet-up ! We will keep you posted on the date and speaker !

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